That Which Is Given’s Mission Statement


My name is Lauren Elizabeth. I am a blogger. I am a movie-lover. I am a deep thinker. I am a performer. I am a laugher. I am a friend.


What I plan to do with this blog:

Talk about what interests me, but only really write about what I love.

Help people think about things in new ways; learn to think in new ways myself.

Explain why I’m passionate about what I’m passionate about.


What I will write about:




Things that make me laugh

Friends and friendship



Artistic expression through photography, clothing, and drawing

Body image




Where I hope this blog takes me:

I hope that through this blog I learn not only what I am most passionate about, but also why I’m passionate about them

I hope to learn new things about myself that I never noticed before

I hope to further the chances of a career in film for myself

I hope to hone the artistic style of my drawing, music, photography, and clothing to better fit my personality

I hope to begin to make a name for myself

I hope to learn how to write in a more unique, personal, and skillful way

I hope to touch readers in whatever way possible with what I write

I hope to use this blog to better my relationship with God


What I will not do:

Blog about it if it doesn’t interest me

Blog about something without point

Blog about something that simply takes up space on the Internet

Try to immitate other bloggers whom I admire

Forget who I really am while trying to be who I might think my readers want me to be

Represent God in a negative light

Represent my family and friends in a negative light


Why I am blogging:

Because I love to write, and because I am able to show another side of my personality when I do so.




One response to “That Which Is Given’s Mission Statement

  1. Glad you’re writing, Lauren. You have much to say. Can’t wait to read it.

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