Apologizing to My Diary (again)

So, remember how three posts back, at the beginning of “The Man of Her Dreams”, I wrote an author’s note saying that I was going to be posting one scary story a day for the entire month of October?

Yeah. Clearly that didn’t happen.

It started to happen. I had a great story idea planned for every day of the month, and I was fairly excited about each of them. I even posted the first three — The Man of Her Dreams, Welcome to The Horseman Hospital, and The Boy on The Scooter — and got fairly positive reactions on each one. But by the time I posted Boy on The Scooter, I realized that “fairly excited” wasn’t excited enough. In my mission statement I said that I will only write about what I really love. While I love writing short stories, writing about something as dark as death and paranormal activity (HA I so just accidentally/on-purpose referenced a movie I’ve never even seen. I win) took a toll on me, and I found myself dreading writing each story. In fact, I nearly suffered a nervous breakdown after posting “The Man of Her Dreams”, I was so worried that it was too dark and just not okay. I want to write about what excites me, not what makes me sweat and doubt whether I’m going to allow myself to write anything ever again.

So, rather than force myself through what was shaping up to be a very painful and unnecessary ordeal, I just took the month of October off. But I’m back online now, working on “Ida Ichabod and The Girl Without A Face (Chapter 3)”, and soon I’ll begin working on this chapter’s illustrations. So don’t panic, I haven’t abandoned you, I’m just getting caught up. 🙂

(PS: I’m going to be starting some new segments soon: Movie Mondays (I’ll be reviewing and analyzing my favorite and not-so-favorite movies), Tutorial Tuesdays (in which I’ll be posting how-tos, DIYs and arts-and-crafts tutorials), Whimsical Wednesdays (I’ll be posting videos and pictures that I draw, take, or especially like and talk about what they mean to me), Thoughtful Thursdays (in which I’ll do my best to explain the world as I see it), Fashion Fridays (in which I post pictures of each outfit I wear in the week, because as unnecessary as that is, I love clothing and it’s my blog, so I’ll do it if I want to), Short-story Saturdays (I’ll post one short story a week, not counting Ida Ichabod chapters), and Savior’s Sundays (which will be dedicated to my observations of, thoughts about, and poems of worship towards Jesus). All of this will be going on as I continue Ida Ichabod as well as post pictures and stories of my days and time I spend with my friends and family, and of course I’ll post things on holidays and such. Just letting you know in advance that this blog is about to get super busy, and so am I. 🙂 I hope you enjoy reading my blog, and that maybe this post gets you a little excited for what’s coming up!)


One response to “Apologizing to My Diary (again)

  1. I have been thinking about your post and I look forward to what you are going to do – very exciting! I have been hearing a lot of conflicting information about this topic – some published writers I have talked to say “Only write what you love!”, and others say, “Not if you want to make any money writing!” So I’m not sure what the answer is, but “Write only what you love” makes more sense to me. Carry on, you are doing a fabulous job!

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