Thoughtful Thursday: Things My Friends Do That Make Me Smile

Julie draws about a million pictures of eyes.

Maddy flips out over finding anything in common with anyone.

Bekah walks around the house on tip-toe, even if she isn’t wearing ballet shoes.

Morgan snorts when she laughs.

Rebecca squeals over practically everything.

David fiercely insists that pineapples are pineapples and chocolate pies.

Carlie fiercely insists on wearing green and stripes, preferably both at the same time.

Anna squeaks when she laughs.

Michelle says things like “When I hear people not being quiet it makes me pumped.”

Cara makes crazy faces in photos.

Noah finds fart jokes hilarious.

Roman finds fart jokes hysterical.

Robert mixes up the names of his friends with the names of his dogs. And his computer.

Jameson doubles over on the ground when he laughs.

Halsey flips out over anything — anything — vintage.

Wesley quotes movies as much as I do — maybe even more than I do.

Megan dances around everywhere she goes and introduces herself to people by saying “Isn’t the moon just gorgeous tonight? Oh, I’m Megan, by the way.”

Emily freaks out over Doctor Who.

Wil sounds like a thirty-year smoker when he laughs.

Rachel makes puppy-eyes to ask for ice cream.

My friends are crazy. They’re loud, lovable, totally unique in every way, and the parts of them that make me laugh, even the parts that they don’t like, make my heart smile. I like that they have silly laughs, that they find fart jokes funny, that they go crazy for seemingly unimportant things, that they say things that don’t make sense for the sole purpose of not making sense, and that they determinedly dress, walk, and draw certain individual ways. Each of my friends is a gift from God, and their little quirks are just part of what makes them who they are. I love you guys! Thanks for all the laughter.


One response to “Thoughtful Thursday: Things My Friends Do That Make Me Smile

  1. I’m happy to know that my drawings of eyes make someone smile 🙂 🙂 LOVE YOU!! And… I miss you tons 😦 I hope I see you really soon… like REALLY soon.

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